First and foremost we are looking for people that are nice. We work together every day and want colleagues that are simply good people.  If you read those sentences and smiled knowing that you fit that criteria, please apply below.

Careers include graphic design, marketing strategy, SEO, copywriting, programming, and internships.

For the internship program, it provides the opportunity to gain experience and a solid understanding of the marketing industry. Based on the applicants interests, they will contribute in many areas, some of which may include market research, direct marketing, sales management, creative production, public relations, graphic design, web development, seo, ppc, & other types of lead generation. Dates are flexible, we run this internship year-round and can work around your schedule as long as its fair.

1) Be a good person
2) Desire to learn about marketing
3) Hard worker
4) We understand that students have very little experience.  That being said, any skills with graphic design are heavily valued.

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