“We have always been able to offer a unique product line, but with SMI training and marketing support, we are now able to communicate what truly makes our company unique and promote our new messages through effective online marketing mediums, including social media. Since our new website went live, we have seen an increase in leads generated from website visitors. Out of the new leads, 17% have resulted in sales of multiple items (5 leads to 11 sales). With all the help we’ve received in learning about social media and keyword searches, we can better track what our consumers want and are searching for. When a new innovation or product line is added, we are now able to publicize it immediately via our social media accounts; receiving some great feedback from our followers.”

Dave Kroeger, President of Kroeger Marine Construction

“SMI introduced us to great resources and has helped us grow our business significantly. SMI has been a huge help to Jacob Grey Precision Machine, allowing us to expand our business rather than go down the path that so many unfortunate companies have faced in today’s tough economic environment. From the beginning, SMI has been a great partner, and we look forward to their continued help growing our business.”

Jake Brackett, General Manager of Jacob Grey Precision Machine

“We love working with SMI because they truly care about our success as a small business! Their knowledge of digital advertising is unparalleled and has allowed us to increase our revenue and brand recognition. We value working with SMI and cannot express how much we appreciate their expertise.”

Wholesale Boutique / Viv&Lou

“At Daedalus Industrial, we pride ourselves on being innovators and problem solvers in the automation industry. We love working with SMI because like our team at Daedalus, they are out-of-the-box thinkers and we know they have our back. They have successfully helped us launch a new company, including branding, website, marketing materials, and promotion. The work they do combines an expert understanding of marketing psychology along with a focused technical understanding of our company, which produces top quality results. They are an excellent choice for a company that likes to invent and constantly do new things, while also in need of a partnership that can handle all aspects of marketing that is needed to become a successful and thriving organization.”

Daedalus Industrial

“It has been a productive and joyous experience working with SMI. The program and training we have received has helped us to increase revenue. We have advanced our marketing in key areas including videos, upgrading the website, implementing a CRM, trade shows, email marketing, and digital ads. We continue to see increased leads and sales opportunities as well as more effective engagement from customers.”


“The expert teams at SMI helped us fill in the gaps we had with: marketing, digital marketing, website flow and engagement, and online training portal for clients on our website, and tracking the traffic they helped generate through ongoing email & digital ad campaigns. Their Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Training enabled us to understand effective marketing techniques, and how to generate more leads and sales opportunities with both new prospects and from current clients. They love what they do, and genuinely care about our success, which is evident when they go the extra mile to make sure programs work, that really separates SMI and makes them the best.”

Green Roof Outfitters

“SMI assisted us with their Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Training. We made tremendous changes specially fitted to our business. We fine-tuned our messaging and have started implementing it with SEO, website updates, pay-per-click ads, and eCommerce. It was important for us to learn and understand how to increase our leads and sales opportunities. SMI showed us new ways how to engage more effectively with prospects and existing clients. It is clear that SMI are passionate about what they do, we will continue to work closely with SCMEP and SMI to improve our business in the future.”

Buck Enterprises